Software for Pre-CAD systems design


Even if "software is eating the world", nuts, bolts, and hardware are still pretty crunchy. Mechanical engineers use a lot of software, but it is precisely because we focus on the real world that we're constantly in need of new software, and particularly new software architectures that allow us to better express our ideas of how our systems should work and interact with the world.

Mechanomy develops software libraries that aide modeling of mechanical systems, focusing on the essential and difficult period before CAD design, prototyping, and FEA. This page gives an overview of our released work. We're always looking for new ideas, let us know if you would like to partner or see our services.

We also make targeted prototypes and exemplary systems to support model validation, establishing a common frame-of-reference for our simulation libraries. See our projects for more detail.


  • EasyElements
    The EasyElements collection enables web page authors to add interactive unit converters, tables, graphs, and 3D viewers.

  • BeltTransmission
    Calculates pulley layout and belt size for planar belt transmissions using flat and timing belts. The system geometry is used to estimate the occurrence of belt slip or breakage.

  • Model Composer
    A web-based Modelica editor and simulator, to introduce engineers to the power of systems modeling.

  • Geometry2D
    An MIT-licensed Julia library containing basic structures for geometric entities. This is heavily used by our BeltTransmission library.

  • Mechanics
    An MIT-licensed Julia library for calculating beam loadings, given geometry and material information.

  • Materials
    An MIT-licensed Julia library containing basic structures for modeling engineering materials.