Software for Pre-CAD systems design


EasyElements is a collection of straightforward JavaScript libraries that make it easier to add interactive elements to technical webpages. Unit conversion is a simple example: manufacturers need to use units to describe their products, but this choice and frame of reference is not always shared by every customer. The UnitConverter EasyElement gives web page authors the ability to easily add a unit conversion element to their page so that customers can simply select their preferred unit system while considering a page.

The EasyElements collection currently includes:

  • SortedTable - creates a table with sortable columns and convertable units:
  • SimpleGraph - creates interactive line graphs via a simple syntax:

Mechanomy authored these libraries to help manufacturers communicate with their customers. The pages linked above detail each element and should provide you everything you need to evaluate their capabilities, but as general elements they are necessarily limited in how they can be customized to fit your website's existing theme and goals. If you would like us to tweak an element to better match your website, send us a quick description. We can also support specific interactions and add more advanced functions, reach out to start a conversation.

We also understand the common and usually warranted frustration with website investments, that visitors are few, brief, and apparently not interested in your company's products. If you have some time to chat, we would enjoy sharing our analysis of the motivations of visitors to manufacturing websites and provide a couple suggestions for how you can better define and evaluate your website's goals. We believe that websites and other digital tools can be used to manufacture value, but just like every physical tool they must be designed well and wielded correctly. We'd love to help you manufacture tomorrow.

Development Status

The EasyElements are under continued development, according to use and interest. Mechanomy LLC makes these libraries available under the MIT License.

On third-party JavaScript

No two websites are written or hosted the same way, and the various organizations responsible for these will have a variety of policies on the use of third-party libraries. The EasyElements are cleanly written to provide only the capabilities described. They do not accept personally-identifiable information from your users, nor do they utilize cookies or other local storage capabilities to function and generally will not require you to display a cookie banner or other notice, understanding that compliance with any applicable authority remains your duty.

Mechanomy respects you and your users and does not perform any fingerprinting or usage tracking in these libraries. When you place one of our <script> tags on your page, the browsers of visitors to your website will download our library; this request is the only information Mechanomy receives from you or your users.

The EasyElement libraries are written in vanilla JavaScript and bundled via WebPack. External dependencies are Plotly.js for SimpleGraph and three.js for ViewModel.

Please note that libraries loaded from, as described above, may change at any time according to our development and maintenance needs. While we will endeavor to not change functionality, this cannot always be avoided. If you would like to receive notice of these changes, please email us.

We are also happy to assist you in evaluating these libraries by creating a static prototype of your website for your internal evaluation, please send us a link to the exact page, the desired library and functionality, and any details you know about your web framework or host.