Software for Pre-CAD systems design

About Mechanomy

Mechanomy is an effort to combine model-based systems engineering with tools for capturing design intent into a platform that embraces abstraction and permits these systems to be safely reused and interpreted.

Many steps are required for a concept to become a physical product, spanning many combinations of product developers and design tools. Each interface between these people and tools introduces possibilities for miscommunication, imprecision, and delay in the overall development process. Moreover, the disparate nature of the ‘development’ and the multiple teams involved lead to decisions that cannot be reproduced, verified, or tested at later times. If one developer or tool leaves or becomes unavailable, the product design is broken and may be unrecoverable, depending on the exact failure. Organizations that want to understand their products and processes need tools that support a more transparent and higher-fidelity development process, that empower rather than frustrate their employees.

We are making these tools and libraries, helping engineers model physical systems and create more accurate predictions of system performance. This enables engineers to design systems more quickly and coherently, creating value for their organizations and society.

There's much more we would like to say, if you're interested in these topics and want to help design tomorrow, say hi.

Mechanomy is based in the beautiful city of Madison, WI and run by founder and CEO Ben Conrad.

Work at Mechanomy

We are always on the look out for motivated individuals to join full-time or on contract, send us an introductory email to start a conversation. Mechanomy is a fully-remote organization.


Please email with any inquiries.

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