Welcome to Mechanomy

It’s a great day to be an engineer, and tomorrow looks even better.  At Mechanomy, we’re helping engineers and manufacturers communicate their product’s performance to each other and the wider world.  

We’re looking forward to sharing our tools and approach with the community, say hi and we’ll keep you in the loop.


Model-Based Engineering Services

Many organizations do not have the free time or personnel to evaluate and adopt model-based engineering workflows. If this sounds familiar, let us help! We are always looking for opportunities to directly assist customers in adopting model-based engineering workflows because building good software modeling tools requires using them in the real world.

  • System evaluation and modeling
  • Market and competitor modeling
  • Design of experiments for model validation
  • Integration with existing services and data stores
  • Remote and in-person training



Development Trends Survey

At Mechanomy, we are building tools for the future of product design; as a researcher, designer, developer, manufacturer, seller, user, or supporter, this is your future.  Technology does not improve by itself; tomorrow is only better if we work to make it so, and this work is efficient when we can separate real frustrations and …

About the name Mechanomy

Mechanomy. Mechanomy. Mechanics + -nomy, the system of rules, laws, or knowledge.  So in the name Mechanomy, we are interested in the system of rules, laws, or knowledge of mechanical systems.  This is the same construction as taxomomy, astronomy, etc. and is pronounced similarly: meh-kan-o-mie.