Software for Pre-CAD systems design

New Work-in-Process Packages

One of the major annoyances of the startup stage is the need to focus narrowly, starting projects to satisfy an immediate need without a timeline for their completion. The following projects are already useful, yet their development and conceptual completion are unfortunately subject to the needs of our other projects.

Describing them here and developing them publicly on GitHub is a small way of sharing our work with the community of engineers looking for new tools. Pull requests welcome, but even more than that if you share our befuddlement that these sorts of basic packages do not exist already, say hi...


Provides structures and functions for basic planar geometry operations and shapes. The aim is to provide literal, descriptive functions that clarify the many, simple geometric analyses that occur in spatial designs.


Structures and functions for Eulerian rods and beams, and basic energy analyses. These equations are not very challenging, but the repeated copying of equations from references introduces error and destroys analytical context. Hence the literal, descriptive function naming and abundance of types.


Structures and functions for retrieving material properties for use in Mechanics.jl and elsewhere.

Again, these are very much work-in-process, any releases will be noted here in due course.

— Ben Conrad